• More info about Level A2 PLUS


    In order to register for this course, you need to have done level A2 with us or be able to:


    -Understand and use the Regular and Irregular verbs in the Present Tense

    -Be able express desire, obligation and need.

    -Talk about plans in the future

    -Use the expressions "muy/mucho" y know how to tell them apart

    -Express pain

    -Be able to conjugate the "Pretérito Perfecto" (he comido, he hablado, etc)


    At this point you already feel quite comfortable speaking everyday in Spanish. You can communicate in a simple but efficient way and you can create your own uncomplicated texts. You feel more comfortable watching Spanish TV or reading magazines or newspapers. By the end of this course you will be able to understand all the different Present tenses, most of the Past tenses and the Future tenses.


    If you are sure about you level, you can register using the button below



    You can buy the books online at:








    Or you can try (online or in person):


    -ABC (Spui plein)




    If you prefer to have a 20 minutes interview with us, please contact us to info@spanishlessonsamsterdam.com

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